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Upcoming Capsule Collection: The 100 Bird Costume's embroideries twisted into CHINOISES belts

Dernière mise à jour : 29 avr. 2021

The "100 Bird Costume", hand-woven with silk thread by Guizhou Miao women and originally flowers, fishes, butterflies and other colorful creatures are sewn on the jacket and skirt made of wild silk felt, hemmed with batik and decorated with white bird feathers on the lower edge.

Miao women spend hours raising silkworms to make the felt and then sew these colorful embroideries.

The "100 Bird Costume", ("bai niao yi" in Chinese) is one of the best-known Chinese handicrafts of ethnic minority and has been part of China's intangible cultural heritage since 2006.

The CHINOISES touch: Make these piece of exquisite handmade embroideries as a belt with lambskin leather, available in several colors. Worn on used jeans, sexy leather pants, fancy dress or bourgeoise pencil skirt, this belt is the different touch that makes your look as unique as these embroideries are!

Lambskin belt with silk embroideries on wild silk felt handmade by Guizhou Miao minorities.

Available in black, camel or burgundy lambskin.

The belt crosses the back and is then thread through and tied at the front of the waist.

Length: 2m32

Width: 7.5-8cm

Capsule collection

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