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CHINOISES au Museum of O

Dernière mise à jour : 18 mai 2019

Lors de leur fête de clôture "Chinoiserie Party", le Museum of O a exposé l'un des Fauteuils Vintage CHINOISES.

On the occasion of their "Chinoiserie Party", Museum of O displayed one of the CHINOISES Vintage Armchairs.

"Art de vivre - Art of living - 艺术生活

Mixing Chinese old and Chinese new, traditional craftmanship and modern look, and adding that parisian je-ne-sais-quoi, the duo behind CHINOISES brings a fresh contemporary chinese style to interiors as well as wardrobes.

At Museum of O we particularly like this vintage armchair. The structure made from stainless steel and wood is typical from Shanghai's administration in the 1930s. The fabric is a French chinoiserie toile de Jouy. East meets West meets East. A real fusion."

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