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In The Mood For Brocade

Wong Kar-Wai's "In The Mood For Love" not only delineates a forbidden love story, but also epitomizes the spirit of old-time Shanghai. With Maggie Cheung showcasing the cheongsam collection curated by renowned costume artist William Chang, so many elements from the movie have become symbols of that era.

CHINOISES took inspiration from the movie, capturing the moment when Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung passing each other intentionally at the humid, dark and narrow alley without any verbal communications but knowing exactly how they feel about each other.

So how does CHINOISES translate the mood of love into the design?

Felicie leverages the mix and match of modern elements such as the synergy of brocade and denim to create urban vibe. She also added fun details at collar and cuff with traditional Chinese prints but as always, interpreted with her signature French touch.

The English word "brocade" is derived from the Italian word "broccato", and its history can be traced back to the Renaissance period, especially the Italian Renaissance period. In addition to other fabrics, brocade's still an important fabric in that period. In Chinese, the word "锦" means "gold silk", it represents Chinese folk elements such as "dragon", "peony", "phoenix", "butterfly", etc. It's also an important inspiration of CHINOISES.

The reversible jacket is good to pair with white T-shirt or jeans, either on the denim or brocade side.

CHINOISES offers many vibrant colors such as bright yellow. Our jacket showcases commitment to details, designed to make you the spotlight of dinner parties!

We also have a vintage style with "La Frivole" shirt, which is inspired from a 50s shape, in matcha green or red and blue brocade.

And we're proud to announce our collaboration with Chinese fashion concept store LABELHOOD with this grey and black brocade shirt exclusively sold on their TMALL and offline stores!


Here's a preview of our SS21 brocade line, hope you like it. 😘

Stay tuned!

And Happy Chinese New Year From CHINOISES!

Photo from: Baby Lou

Weibo: 王裸裸Lou

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